Frequently asked questions

1. What is Electronic Muscle Stimulation?

Soft pads containing electrodes are placed on specific areas of the body surrounding the targeted muscles. The simulator sends out electronic impulses from a customized program. The client can adjust the strength of the electronic pulses according to their preference. The impulses stimulate the target area and cause the muscles to contract and relax simulating traditional exercise.

2. What is BMI?

BMI is the international term for Body Mass Index, which is an indicator for fat content of the body. The goal is to be within the "norm" for your age group, as the BMI changes with age. Research shows that people with a high BMI count are more likely to be affected by illness and injury, caused by being overweight.

3. How often should I visit Bailine?

We recommend two sessions a week for the first ten treatments. At this stage, your new weight and measurements will be entered into our customized Bailine Computer Program and a new analysis will determine the frequency of future visits, based on desired results. Once you reach your goal, it is recommended that you enroll in our maintenance programme in order to maintain your new body shape. Many of our clients combine traditional exercise with their Bailine Sessions.

4. Is the treatment uncomfortable?

The treatment is safe and effective and is not uncomfortable. During the initial sessions, you will feel a tingly sensation and your muscles will contract and relax for desired results. When warmed up and accustomed to the sensation, most clients find the treatments comfortable and relaxing. You control the strength of the electronic pulses with a hand held device and the comfort level varies from individual to individual.

5. How long does a session last?

Your complete Bailine session lasts 30 minutes. Your free Trial Session lasts from 45 minutes to one hour.

6. How can I get a program especially designed for me?

During your trial session, we will perform a complete customized figure analysis for you. Based on your goals and desired results, we calculate your body type and assess areas that may need improvement. Together, we select the program that is ideal for you. Throughout your customized treatment sessions we will monitor your progress and adjust the program according to your goals.

7. What kind of results can I expect?

During the free trial session we will indicate what kind of results you can expect based on your personal analysis, your goals and your selection of treatment frequency. Most clients obtain noticeable measureable results after 5 sessions. Ask us about our money-back guarantee, (see question below) to see if you qualify!

8. What is the Money-Back Guarantee?

In order to get a written money-back guarantee there are a few requirements:


  • You must elect to participate in the Money Back Guarantee during your initial trial session and sign up and pay for your first ten treatment sessions.
  • You must purchase ten treatment sessions.
  • These sessions must be taken twice weekly for five consecutive weeks.
  • Your BMI must be 25 or more.
  • You cannot gain weight during the five-week period.
  • You cannot engage in weight training during the initial five weeks.


9. Why is this for Women only?

Bailine studios are run for women by women, over the age of 18. The women only policy creates a relaxed, supportive environment where our treatments are designed to relax, reshape and breathe new vitality into women.

10. Free Trial Session?

Please contact us today and start losing inches by booking your FREE Bailine Trial Session. Your Certified Bailine Therapist will perform a complete Customized Figure Analysis. Based on your personal goals and desired results, we will provide you with a suggested treatment plan and of what results to expect. You will also receive a complimentary 30 minute Bailine session using our Bailine Computerized Muscle Simulator.

You can decide for yourself after your session how effective the Bailine method is!

The only thing you have to lose is inches!

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