Successful business opportunity

The Bailine Program is looking for dedicated and entrepreneurial minded women who have a desire to be independent and own and operate their own Bailine Studio.

This is a unique opportunity to be a part of the rapidly growing Bailine Family! Bailine is a unique programme created for women, and each Bailine Studio is individually owned and operated by women.

Our ideal partner would have the following characteristics:

  • You are interested in exercise, nutrition and personal development.
  • You enjoy helping and motivating other women to achieve their goals.
  • You enjoy working hard, are dedicated and result oriented.
  • You are motivated by more than the money alone; you are passionate about running and owning a successful business.
  • You are focusing on creating a successful Bailine studio.

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If you have passion and purpose and are in the market for a great opportunity, we would love to talk to you. Apply now by clicking here to complete the online enquiry form.