How we make it work

Bailine’s primary goal is to help our clients become a good model of themselves, and not a copy of another person’s idea of beauty. Through customized individual muscle stimulation programs, nutritional advice, exercise, as well as motivational guidance, desired results are achieved. During the initial consultation the client will be measured and weighed. The Bailine Therapist will discuss and work with the client to determine their ideal measurements and goals. Once this is established, we will develop a unique and personal treatment plan based on desired results and timeframe required.

Clients are encouraged to initially visit the salon twice a week for a 5 week period in order to obtain maximum results. During these customized treatment sessions you image5.jpgwill relax in a private cubicle while gentle electronic pulses work your muscles into shape, without any stress on your joints. Frequent remeasuring will be done to track your progress. After the initial 5 weeks of treatments, the majority of clients sign up for a figure maintenance programme.

Bailine computerized muscle stimulation offers you a quick, relaxing and easy alternative or compliment to traditional exercise methods, helping tone the "tough to hit" areas of your body. This is all done in a conveniently located women only Bailine Studio with a relaxed atmosphere, private rooms and knowledgeable certified Bailine Therapists on staff. The 30 minute sessions are a cinch to fit in a busy woman's schedule and the results are guaranteed!

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